Over the past few weeks’ interus Solutions have teamed up with training providers to offer tailored solutions for quality training courses in Marketing (SEO and traditional marketing), Website development, and Microsoft Office Training. We offer a wide range of courses which are available weekly.
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After trying all possible solutions, if your antivirus is not scanning, then get in touch with your Anti-Virus provider and get immediate help from a certified technician or get in touch with your local PC repair shop.

You cannot deny the fact that your anti-virus solution protects your system if kept up-to-date; it provides you with high-end protection against all kinds of Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Ransomware and malicious apps that can and will harm your device if left unprotected.
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The Blue Screen of Death (the famous blue screen or BSoD or stop screen) is an error screen displayed on a Windows computer.

When the operating system reaches a condition where it can no longer operate safely you are presented with the BSoD which is a fatal system error, also known as a system crash.
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Cyber security is a threat right across the UK and companies like the NHS are no different from an SME or large company. The aim here is to understand technology any the people who take the reasonability to secure this.

Windows XP is a vulnerable system FACT! Once exposed to malware this system can be comprised. Microsoft do not support this system, so why do the NHS and Banking systems still use out of date Operating Systems like windows XP and Windows Vista?
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It’s important to discuss changes in relation to a new regulation that will come into direct effect in UK law from the 25th May 2018. This system will affect SMEs based on how data is stored and how secure their network is in relation to the protection of stored data. Larger companies already have documentation and systems in place. Although it comes into question how accurate this documentation will be.
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