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What happens if your Antivirus scan stops scanning?

What happens if your Antivirus scan stops scanning?

After trying all possible solutions, if your antivirus is not scanning, then get in touch with your Anti-Virus provider and get immediate help from a certified technician or get in touch with your local PC repair shop.

You cannot deny the fact that your anti-virus solution protects your system if kept up-to-date; it provides you with high-end protection against all kinds of Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Ransomware and malicious apps that can and will harm your device if left unprotected.

Once your antivirus is installed, it will scan your device for viruses, malicious software and Trojans. If found, your antivirus notifies you and will fix the issue immediately. Sometimes what might happen is that your antivirus fails to scan and as a result will fail to protect your device from viruses and Malware. You may encounter an error like ‘Error Getting Scan Process’. This error causes an abrupt shut down of the antivirus every time you open it to initiate the scan. The irony is that the error may occur in both manual and scheduled scan cases.

To fix this issue immediately, follow the steps below:

  • Check if your device has any other antivirus installed on your system. If found, uninstall it immediately as this causes software conflicts and stops your antivirus from running scans on your computer.
  • Close all your programs and restart your computer
  • Try scanning your computer again

If the problem is still there, then try the solution below:

  • Restart your computer system and starting by pressing F8
  • From the advanced boot option, choose safe mode
  • Now perform the same operation again in safe mode

Anti-virus solutions are there to help protect your system, if your computer or device is connected to the internet or you install software or plug a device into your system the result is that your device could become infected and maybe unusable or you could lose all of your data. Sop its best to invest in a good Anti-Virus solution for your system.

By Keith Griffiths

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